Bit Holder for your impact driver
Driverback bit holder on an impact driver
Bit holder on an impact driver
Bare lanyards for your own impact bits



Sale price$29.99 USD

Select 4 bits to customize your Driverback to your specific needs. Our System is NOT Compatible without bit lanyards. Bit Prices Vary.


Product Description

Driverback is a retractable bit lanyard system for your impact driver. Store your bits where you use them most...on your impact driver.  No more dropping, misplacing, losing or searching for bits. Quickly switch between your preferred bits while on the job.  Does the next job at hand require different bits? Simply switch out bit lanyards in a snap. 

We also offer a retail Starter Kit which can be found here

DRIVERBACK houses four bits, each held in place by a retractable lanyard. 

Key features include:

  • Manufactured & assembled in Leander, Texas, USA
  • Four Cartridges to securely house your most used impact bits
  • Universal fit for your impact driver model
  • Compatible with 12v, 18v and 20v impact driver models
  • Double nested spring lanyard system to quickly retract your bits
  • Extra strength magnets to keep your bits in place when not in use
  • Two 3-inch extension bit holders for additional storage
  • Simply snap off the back cap & slide lanyard out for bit replacement or quick change between bits.

Want to use your own impact bits?

Our system is compatible with many torsion bits on the market.  Snap our bare lanyard onto the torsion area of your bit of choice. Your preferred brand of bit must have a large enough head to keep lanyard in place and a torsion area.

*Please note that you must choose bit lanyards or blank lanyards with your order. Our system is not fully functional without them.